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    We continually seek to:

  • advance the interests of the industry, by the promotion and protection of the rights of its members and through ensuring the existence of a business and legal environment in Singapore that can support a viable and vibrant recording industry;

  • provide support and assistance to the government in its fight against piracy; and

  • serve the business community and the general public who wish to use the intellectual property of our members.
    Our current mission is to remind one and all to value the music they love. Everyone will agree that music is an essential part of life and it would be hard to imagine a world without music. However, many have forgotten that there is a value to the music they love. Taking good music for granted is very much a result of the "everything is free" culture found in cyberspace.

    It is very unfortunate that in this digital age, people have left behind the values they learnt while growing up. One of which is if something is not yours, you can't give it away, take it or sell it without permssion. This is exactly what happens when a person uploads or downloads a sound recording without permission. If this continues, we will all stand to lose the music that we love. It may not happen in our lifetime, but would you want to leave behind a world without music for your children and grandchildren? We must remember that their future is in our hands.


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